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1890's coffee history started a long back ago in the late 19th century during the British rule in India. We had coffee houses across the hill stations of southern India. Now we are marching back to reinvent the vintage taste of a British English coffee.

1890's Coffee House is not like anything you will have seen before, and many people ask what we are. You have to experience us as no label does us justice. A welcoming space, full of good food, with coffee always on and brimming with love.

What might you call such a place? “Relationships cafe” is mayhap the closest one. We have also been described as a social space, a fusion of a coffee house, a kitchen, and an events venue, with relationships and people at its heart.

What might you do in such a place? What one would do in a home and its kitchen: cook, eat, drink, converse, socialize. Hold parties sometimes, hold talks, learn, brainstorm, enjoy, mourn, celebrate… Live one’s life.


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